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At the heart of the city

Le Valmarin remains the only malouinière hotel at the heart of St malo.

la malouinière du Valmarin, Hotel à St malo

City activities

The theater, the market, art galleries, restaurants, shopping

The market :

On the city square 2 weekly outdoor and indoor market

In the market the producers of the neighbohood propose you very nice products.

The stalls of regional producers will offer you a wide choise of fishes, seafoods, cheeses, meats and vegetables.

You will find also cut flowers and plenty of other local products.


The theater proposes an ecletican varied rich programming

Play, humorists, danse, concerts, scientific conferences, internships, training courses of theater, chocolate theater for children, educational action follow one another.

Actors and interprets renowned are next those who will become certainly famous one day !

You will also find in the main shopping street numerous sheps and art galleries.


la malouinière du Valmarin, Hotel à St malo

For small (and big)

The park of Bel Air touches that of Valmarin. You will find games of slides, turnstils swings for children.

The Naye swimming pool is 500m from the hotel.

By following the estuary of the Rance during a balld you will arrive at the Poney Club « Vau Garni » which proposes walks, initiations or perfectionnements

A little farther, Le Grand Aquarium will make the happiness of your children.

The houses of privateers have to visit will enchant them

You will also find numerous amusement parks and zoos at half an hour's drive.